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January 25, 2014
Fern fever in the R C Lucas Archive:

The artist pictured with a specimen in the Chilworth woods.

Nature print - labelled 'Madeira fern'.

Ink drawing.
This emblematic portrait of Lucas can be found in several of the artist's albums:

In turn, within the photograph itself there is an album at Lucas's side. Lucas rests a hand protectively on the book's edge while staring rather beadily back at the viewer.

The actual album in the photograph survives:

Titled 'Some of my Studies in Nature-Printings, Etchings & Photography', it was complied by Lucas in 1871. Today it is amongst the extensive archive of material - the R C Lucas Archive - that I am curating for the project. I will be posting details of items from the Archive on this website throughout 2014.