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The Project curates an important and extensive original archive collection of the artist. The R C Lucas Archive contains scrapbooks and albums, photographs, etchings, nature-printings, sketches, paintings, letterpress texts, and personalia. The collection includes a wax bust of Flora. The Archive includes material relating to his son, the painter Albert Durer Lucas (1828-1918).

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Over 18-19th July, I displayed a large number of artefacts from the R C Lucas Archive at St Deny's Church, Chilworth -- the place where Lucas was buried in 1883. The exhibition was part of this year's Romsey Festival, and over 150 visitors came to the church. Lucas's association with Chilworth village runs deep, and I was surprised by the amount of information that was forthcoming about the artist.



January 25, 2014
Fern fever in the R C Lucas Archive:

The artist pictured with a specimen in the Chilworth woods.

Nature print - labelled 'Madeira fern'.

Ink drawing.
This emblematic portrait of Lucas can be found in several of the artist's albums:

In turn, within the photograph itself there is an album at Lucas's side. Lucas rests a hand protectively on the book's edge while staring rather beadily back at the viewer.

The actual album in the photograph survives:

Titled 'Some of my Studies in Nature-Printings, Etchings & Photography', it was complied by Lucas in 1871. Today it is amongst the extensive archive of material - the R C Lucas Archive - that I am curating for the project. I will be posting details of items from the Archive on this website throughout 2014.