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Over 18-19th July, I displayed a large number of artefacts from the R C Lucas Archive at St Deny's Church, Chilworth -- the place where Lucas was buried in 1883. The exhibition was part of this year's Romsey Festival, and over 150 visitors came to the church. Lucas's association with Chilworth village runs deep, and I was surprised by the amount of information that was forthcoming about the artist.


mourning-flora.jpgOn the first day of spring 2014, an antique wax bust of the Roman goddess Flora was unveiled at the Art Workers' Guild in London, in front of an invited audience.

Colour photographs by Jane Wildgoose. Flowers by Sabine Maurer, Florescence.

I will be taking part in a gallery discussion with the Henry Moore Institute at Leeds Art Gallery on Wednesday 19 February at 4pm.

"Sophie Raikes (Assistant Curator, Sculpture) and Pavel S. Pys (Exhibitions & Displays Curator) will be joined by former Henry Moore Institute Fellows, Dr Gulru Cakmak (University of Massachusetts Amherst) and Harry Willis Fleming (Middlesex University) and artist David Batchelor to discuss qualities of surface and colour in the current Leeds Art Gallery sculpture collections displays, Polychromies: Surface, Light and Colour." Included in the exhibition is Lucas's wax head of a girl.

For further information, see Henry Moore Institute events.